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Learning Business With Social Media Marketing

April 4, 2012

I can clearly remember the first time that I held a book and not let go of it until I was done.  After reading so many books later that time, I realized that I never really enjoyed reading my books that are related to my studies.  In fact, I read fictional stories in the bus where we rode the last time our class had a field trip.  I don’t remember how many years already have passed, but I can still remember that it was a book from R.L. Stine, who was a well-known author at that time and even during this time. I read the book in one sitting and I got hooked. Every weekend, I would go to the bookstore with my father and ask him to buy one book from me. My father is a cheapskate so he used to ask me to get something from the Sale section only. Good thing, though, because there had been a lot of books for young readers during that time that are on sale. Since then, my book collection has expanded massively. My father built me a mini-library so my books are all well-kept. That was his 18th birthday gift to me.

Few years have passed when my family had to move out from state since my father got the job on the neighboring state.  That time, I was really desperate to sell my books as I have no way of bringing them with me.  Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Atlanta social media marketing and I got the most creative idea of doing the same thing like promoting my business through social media utilities like Facebook , Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Google Plus, Blogger and others.  I have sold many of my books through the years.  Now, I buy secondhand books and sell them after reading. I have also shifted my priorities and I am against buying new books because of its impact to the planet. If I can, I only purchase e-books. Now, I am reading an e-book about social media marketing Atlanta. It’s not really something that I need, but with the help it has extended to me during the past years, I think, it was the best time that I learn something from it.


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